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Slides for panel: "Basis for ensuring just transitions to sustainability: Lessons learned from the TRAJECTS Center in Latin America"

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Joint Virtual Lecture - Environmental Education and Citizen Science

Educational approaches for transitions

Environmental Education and Citizen Science


Alicia Hernández.

Environmental Education Specialist.

Professor IDEA.

Universidad Nacional.

Leonardo Alfonso.

Hydroinformatics Specialist.

Professor at IHE Institute.

Delft University.

María Jimena Henao.

PhD Candidate.

Citizen Science Expert.

Universidad Nacional - TRAJECTS.

Nataly Díaz.

Academic Coordinator TRAJECTS Latam.

Lecturer IDEA.

Universidad Nacional.

Instructions to join the event:

The event will be streamed on our Youtube channel TRAJECTS Events.

To joint the event in English, click here or use the following link:

To joint the event in Spanish, click here or use the following link:

TRAJECTS Global Academy 2023

TRAJECTS Global Academy offers a space to foster knowledge, collaboration, learning and unlearning on sustainability transitions between Colombia, South Africa, and Germany. The Academy aims to inspire, share and co-create innovative ‘solutions’ for communities and countries facing similar challenges. The first TRAJECTS Global Academy will offer four spaces for collective learning and engaging in critical dialogue and exchange on just and sustainability transitions.

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