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General description

In Germany, the Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy (WIP), together with the Office for International Projects host TRAJECTS’ regional hub in Europe.

Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy (WIP)

The Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy (WIP) at the Faculty for Economics and Management Science (Fak VII) of TU Berlin is involved in teaching, research, and consulting work on economic policy. WIP has research expertise in the energy, water, and waste disposal sectors.Within WIP, the TRAJECTS academic coordination team is part of the CoalExit research group, which researches socially acceptable frameworks for coal phase-out in Global North countries e.g. Germany, Europe, and its implication is Global South countries e.g. Colombia and South Africa.

The TRAJECTS administrative coordination team is part of the International Projects Section within the Department of International Affairs of TU Berlin. They contribute to TU Berlin’s internationalization by acquiring and successfully conducting strategically effective projects, in close collaboration with other areas of TU Berlin, coordinate TU Berlin’s Strategy for Global Responsibility and are the central point of contact for academic cooperation with partners in the Global South.

Role in the project


The European hub is in charge of handling communication with the funder agency (DAAD), as well as of the academic and logistic coordination between hubs.

The National Contact Point (NCP) at TU Berlin is in charge of liaising with the European Members of the Partners’ Network, partners of the Global Network outside Africa and Latin America, and is the main contact person for outgoing scholarship holders and researchers from those organizations.
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