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Sustainable Transition Month 2021

Calendar of Events for the Sustainable Transition Month 2021

4th Sustainability Transition Dialogue

This dialogue will examine the challenges and opportunities of coal phase-out in Germany and other European countries. We will reflect and discuss what lessons might be learned from similar processes in other countries, particularly in the Global South

3rd Sustainability Transition Dialogue

This dialogue will address critical issues for a just energy transition in this South African Province. Diverse stakeholders, including civil society groups and initiatives, will discuss the regional mining closure strategy, and the provincial strategy and national policy framework on just transition, including aspects for the evolution of a financial ecosystem that supports a just transition in this region

2nd Sustainability Transition Dialogue

The voice of local leaders will be at the centre of this dialogue. They will share their technical proposals and ideas on energy transitions for their region and communities, as well as their political views related to justice, equality, and sovereignty on agroecology as an alternative for a just energy transition

1st Sustainability Transition Dialogue

Diverse actors, such as community groups, union members, scholars, and decision-makers, will discuss the current situation of mine closure and related employment challenges in the Caribbean region 

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