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Scholarships for Master in Territorial Sustainable Development at UniMagdalena, Santa Marta. 2024-2025


The University of Magdalena, a TRAJECTS partner in Colombia, will select four students to receive a monthly support of EUR 500 to study for a Master's degree in Sustainable Territorial Development, attached to the Faculty of Business and Economics. 

Download the document "Becas UniMagdalena 2024" in the files section below, to know more details about the process.

Required documents for application

  1. Letter of acceptance to the Master's program in Sustainable Territorial Development at Universidad del Magdalena.
  2. Resume in free format.
  3. Motivation letter including research interests and professional plans (1-2 pages).
  4. Letter of academic recommendation. This letter must be signed by a professor from a Higher Education Institution.
  5. Undergraduate diploma not older than 6 years from the opening of this call.
  6. Proof of belonging to a minority or marginalized group (if applicable).
  7. Proof of economic disadvantage SISBEN or ESTRATO (if applicable).
  8. Certificate of foreign language proficiency (optional)

NOTE: Short-listed candidates should be notified to provide additional documents via e-mail.

Other requirements:

  1. Have completed undergraduate studies at the time of applying for the scholarship.
  2. Students are expected to contribute to research on Just Transitions towards a sustainable future. So that they can offer local but globally aware perspectives on the urgent transformations to protect the climate and environment. In this sense, it is important to consider your interest in one of the following lines of research before applying for these master studies TRAJECTS scholarships at the University of Magdalena: 

  • Sustainable Transitions.
  • Political ecology, environmental and climate justice in the global carbon chain.
  • Non-conventional energies.
  • Caribbean Epistemologies and Transitions.
  • Socio-ecological systems for transitions.
  • Blue Economy.


Deadline to apply
Dec 15, 2023 10:59 pm - Berlin
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