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The "Transnational Center for Just Transitions in Energy, Climate and Sustainability" TRAJECTS will fund students interested in developing research activities related to climate change mitigation in two key themes of the transition to sustainability:

  1. Disposal of fossil fuels
  2. Changes in land management and ecosystem protection.

This call is part of the activities of TRAJECTS, one of the four Global Centers for Climate and Environment funded by the DAAD, within the framework of the agreement signed between the Institute of Environmental Studies (IDEA) of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the Technische Universität Berlin.

Download the full call (Becas PhD UNAL) in the "Files" section for an overview of the application process, eligibility criteria and additional information.


  1. Process the application format by clicking on the "apply" button. 
  2. Have completed undergraduate, bachelor and master’s studies.
  3. Be admitted or be an active freshman in a doctoral program at any of the offices of the National University of Colombia. (Exceptional cases of funding may be considered for students in the 2nd year of their Ph.D. programme at the beginning of the funding period: Subject to the decision of the scholarship committee)
  4. Have interest and experience in issues related to the TRAJECTS project 
  5. Develop your doctoral thesis on a topic relevant to TRAJECTS.
  6. Comply with the statutes and regulations of the institution that will provide the stimulus (DAAD and TRAJECTS).
  7. Be available to attend events, conferences and courses organized by TRAJECTS during the duration of your scholarship.

Required documents for application

The requested documents are divided into two groups. The first (A) must be written in English and must be loaded during the application process, and the second (B) must be sent via email:


  1. CV
  2. Presentation of the proposed PhD project (max. 10 pages), including work title, abstract, research topic, research status/ own preparatory work, methodology, work plan and bibliography
  3. Motivation letter
  4. Letter of recommendation from the doctoral director or letter of acceptance from the doctoral supervisor
  5. Proof of acceptance or registration as a PhD student at UNAL. Academic history of the CIS is accepted (It can be delivered at the latest in the week of interviews)
  6. Diploma or certificate of undergraduate and master’s degree (if applicable).
  7. If applicable: Self-declaration as a member of a minority or marginalized group (attach evidence if feasible)
  8. If applicable: Self-declaration and proof of economic necessity (Certificate of residence issued by the municipality to verify Stratum, Sisbén card, income statement, or other evidence certificate)
  9. English Language Proficiency Certificate (B2) (if available) 


In order to carry out internal administrative processes at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the documents of this section should be sent as a single PDF, in strict order and with the subject "Documents Doctorate Scholarship" to the mail

  1. Citizenship card or passport for foreigners
  2. "Hoja de vida de la función pública" completed with their respective academic and labor supports (Format attached in the "files" section with the name: Hoja de Vida de Función Pública)
  3. Formato de creación de terceros completed (Format attached in the "files" section with the name: Formato de Creación de Terceros).
  4. RUT (For nationals)
  5. Bank certification of less than one month of issuance
  6. Certificate of affiliation to EPS (For nationals)


Deadline to apply
Nov 25, 2022 10:59 pm - Berlin
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