Scholarship / Feb 16, 2024 1:00 pm - Berlin

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Call for Applications for TRAJECTS Junior Research Stays 2024


JRS V2 EN Post

Junior Research Stays (JRS) aim to support young researchers or practitioners with a minimum of a degree relevant for TRAJECTS topics of interest for stays of 3 months (from/at/within institutions of the TRAJECTS network. Either the sending or the hosting institution, or ideally both, must be TRAJECTS partners. A list of TRAJECTS partner institutions can be found in

The activities conducted during the JRS must be relevant to TRAJECTS main objectives and research topics (see annex 2), climate change mitigation in the following two key sustainability transition issues:

  • Fossil fuel phase-out and,
  • Changes in land management and ecosystem protection.

Approximately 20 JRS will be supported in 2024.

Scholarships include:

  • Monthly allowances:
    - 1027 EUR for stays in the Global North.
    - 750 EUR for stays in South Africa.
    - 500 EUR for stays in the Global South.
  • Insurance contributions (health, accident, and liability) of up to 53 EUR.
  • Refund of travel costs up to 1500 EUR for a round trip. For travels between Latin America and South Africa (and viceversa), the reimbursement can be up to 2000 EUR.
    (The budget for travel costs granted to each funded individual will be determined based on the travel distance).

Required documents for application

  • Application form in Website.
  • CV in the language spoken at the host institution country.
  • Proof of completed undergraduate studies.
  • Motivation letter in the language of the host institution.
  • If applicable: Proof of current affiliation to TRAJECTS network partner or letter of recommendation of your sender institution. Researchers coming from a non-partner institution can apply but they will not receive any point related to this criterion, on the contrary, this doesn’t apply for allowance to practitioners. 
  • If applicable: self-declaration (proof if available) as a member of an underrepresented group.
  • If applicable: Other as requested by host institution (e.g. proof of language skills).


Deadline to apply
Apr 1, 2024 6:59 am - Berlin
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