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Basis for ensuring just transitions to sustainability: Lessons learned from the TRAJECTS Center in Latin America

Since 2021 TRAJECTS in Latin America has favored cooperation and knowledge exchange around the consolidation of Just Transitions towards sustainability with community-based organizations, local researchers, academics and representatives of public and non-governmental sectors. The participation of TRAJECTS in the Regional Conference on Just Transitions in the Andean countries was an excellent opportunity to present some of the foundations that from experience we consider necessary to build truly Just Transitions in the Latam region. Materials of this event are available in:

UCT TRAJECTS Sustainability Transitions Dialogue

Paradoxes: The High Demand for Coal Exports and Emerging Just Energy Transitions Investment Initiatives. A Global South exchange.

SRS & JRS Info Session

The TRAJECTS Centre will be hosting an information session via Zoom for the Senior and Junior Research Stay Applicants in English and Spanish on March 2nd, with the Berlin and South African time of 15 hr (3 pm) until 16 hr (4 pm). The information session will be to address any questions the applicants or interested parties may have. The informative speaker will also walk thru the steps of applying for the calls.

Climate Change, Energy Transition and the role of Green Hydrogen

Sustainability Transition Dialogue co-organized with CAPAZ, Uni Magdalena and the Oraloteca on the role of green hydrogen in the energy transition.

Just Transitions in time of a Global Energy Crisis: insights from coal transitions from Lüzerath to La Guajira

The lecture will be held with Paola Andrea Yanguas, who is an Economist with a Public Policy Masters Degree. Research Associate and PhD candidate at the FossilExit Group of the TU Berlin, working on analysis and modelling of socio-economic and distributional implications of coal phase-out in coal-dependent regions. Serving as academic coordinator of the EU Hub of the Transnational Centre for Just Transition in Energy, Climate and Sustainability (TRAJECTS)

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